ינאי דיטש, צלם בעל תואר ראשון בעיצוב’ בוגר החוג לעיצוב פנים המכללה למנהל b.design.בצילומי עיצוב פנים ואדריכלות, צלם עם הבנה ותפיסה מרחבית של מעצב. צילומי מוצר מזון ולייף סטייל הם גם חלק מהעבודה השוטפת של הסטודיו. שירותי הצילום שינאי מציע כוללים ליווי מקצועי בהכנת החלל, העמדה ושרותי סטיילינג במידת הצורך.

I Yanai photography service

Specializes in documenting the creations of designers and architects.
As a designer with a degree in interior design Yanai Deitsch is a photographer that interacts with space from a designers point of view. Driven by a great passion for aesthetics, I Yanai offers an accurate, high quality final product, synchronized with the clients vision.
I Yanai photography has been displayed in magazine editorials, print advertising, newspapers, websites, product promotion, packaging and placed in commercial locations as art. In the categories of interior design, both residential and commercial
architectural, product and package photography I Yanai offers creative solutions and products to promote any product.

I Yanai photographic prints

As a world traveled photographer Yanai Deitsch has created a catalogue of one of a kind photographic Prints as well as enhanced abstract patterns from natural images. All the images as prints can be purchased for your decor in custom applications such as canvas, metal, glass, marble or wood. I Yanai can work with clients to create the perfect size and application for your design space, office space, or home.

I Yanai Projects

Specializes in creating photographic images that work in enhancing spaces. The unique photos become a contribution to functional objects such as ceilings, floors, walls, receptions, backdrops and more to enhance any commercial or residential decor aspect.
Specialized and one of a kind images can be created with a thematic direction, functional need or simply as a unique focal image as fashion decor.